Membership among America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents® is meant to identify and highlight the accomplishments of the nation’s most esteemed and skilled Real Estate Agents and Brokers who have proved able to routinely sell homes above market value. Limited to the Top 1% of Real Estate Professionals based on our comprehensive productivity and efficiency ratings, only 100 Real Estate Professionals in each region will receive this honor and be selected for membership among America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents®. While selection for any award, honor, or exclusive membership organization is always subjective in nature, we have developed a comprehensive multi-phase selection process involving proprietary algorithms using advanced data analytics to help ensure that only the most skilled, exceptional, and effective Real Estate Professionals in the community are selected for membership.

Candidates for membership are initially identified and carefully screened through third-party research and analysis involving proprietary algorithms applying multi-criteria decision making methods to create a Pareto efficiency frontier. These algorithms assess a broad array of criteria and data for each candidate, including (but not limited to) the Real Estate Professional’s total yearly sales volume, notable above market value sales, luxury home sales, efficiency rating for closing sales, lifetime professional experience, client satisfaction ratings, and other notable recognitions, among many other proprietary factors.

The Pareto efficiency frontier created by the analysis of these criteria establishes a measure/rating for each Real Estate Professional that indicates their relative effectiveness in closing high-value sales above market value in comparison to other Real Estate Professionals in their region. Through advanced data analytics, the most efficient and effective Real Estate Professionals among the community are then identified for selection among America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents®.

Every Real Estate Professional selected for membership among America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents® must pass through this multi-phase screening process and be found among the Top 100 Real Estate Professionals in their community based on the algorithmic rating from our screening criteria. Real Estate Professionals cannot buy their way into membership. If a Real Estate Agent or Broker does not meet the standards established by our criteria to be selected among the Top 100 in their community, then there is no amount of money that will change that.

The integrity of our multi-phase selection process is paramount in achieving our objectives and ensuring that all Real Estate Professionals selected for this great honor reflect the highest skill, efficiency, efficacy, and ethical standards of the real estate profession.

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